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How to Move Your Taskbar

What to do if you've got your "Start" button on Windows in the wrong corner of the screen, or if your Taskbar has gone up the side, etc?

If you've got the Microsoft operating system, and your screen has oddly ended up with the "Start" button in the wrong place, you might be puzzled how you can possibly get it back to where it ought to be. I can explain how to fix this, without any fuss, and without it costing anything. It's quite easy to get the start button back into the button-left corner, but you need to know how to do it. It's another of these browser-bar like problems.

Firstly, can you move your icons about? If you can, then go on to the next paragraph. On the screen, you may have got fish, or landscape, or other fancy things, but the icons that do things, you can move them about. To move an icon, instead of double-clicking on it, you move the mouse pointer over it, press the left button down and hold it down, and then move the mouse away to where you want the icon to be, and then let go. This is termed "dragging" things about.

You can also drag the Taskbar. If the taskbar has got stuck in the wrong place, such as up on the ceiling or on the wall, you can drag it back to the floor by the same technique. You move the mouse pointer over the taskbar, press the left mouse-button down, and then while keeping it held down, move the mouse-pointer across the screen to where you'd like the taskbar to be, and then let go.

You can practice this, so you feel comfortable with moving it about. Then you'll never have to worry about getting stuck with the Start button in the wrong corner, or the Taskbar stuck on the side, or some other such configuration of start button and taskbar that you're unhappy with.

It is a matter of personal preference, and you might like the taskbar to be up the left side or the right side of the screen, or at the top of the screen, rather than at the bottom. Well, it's up to you. You can have it where you like it.

Another thing is, sometimes a Taskbar is "locked". You can see if it's locked by putting the mouse-pointer over it and pressing the right mouse button and then it says "Toolbars, Cascade, Tile, Properties, (and other things) and Lock the Taskbar". The part that says "Lock the Taskbar" has a tick, or not, next to it. You can lock or unlock the taskbar by clicking on that.

The "Taskbar" is that thing between the "Start" button and the clock. It may look solid and stuck, but it is movable.

It is amazing how the knowledge of taskbar moving is widely unknown and sometimes difficult to look up, so quite a lot of people have a screen with a bar, clock, and start button all moved to somewhere unexpected, with no clue on how to move them back to where they should be.

Well, I hope this has helped. If you like this page and/or you found it helpful, please link to it. Also see Browser Bars , How to Change Your Homepage , Shortcut Keys , and How to get your own website

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