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MP3 Dancer

You must have seen these dancers on computer screens, dancing to the music coming out of the computer speakers. If you've wondered "Where can I get dancers on my computer screen?",MP3 Dancer here's the answer. MP3 Dancer. You can download this here, and the first version is free. You'll have them dancing to your music on your computer! Here's what the people at MP3 Dancer say: "MP3 DANCER is a unique Software! Real professional dancers dance on desktops and move to the rhythm of music that the computer plays. It's not a music player, not a plug-in, not a music game, not a flash animation, not a music site... MP3 DANCER is a brand new product with no competitors. ... The software is free and easy to use; that's why it's so popular. When downloaded, it belongs to the surfer for life. The free version gives complete access to a shadow dancer. The surfer receives real live in color dancers when they subscribe. In the member's area, all types of dancers are available for any type of music. The difference is worth the price. Want to see the difference? Download the software now! It includes a real live dancer and a silhouetted animation"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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