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Various NASA-related robotic links

Pathfinder - was http://img.arc.nasa.gov/Pathfinder/index.html

Intelligent Mechanisms Group - was http://img.arc.nasa.gov/

The Mars Autonomy Project

JPL Robotics - http://robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/homepage.html

NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page - was http://ranier.oact.hq.nasa.gov/telerobotics_page/telerobotics.shtm

NASA Telerobotics Facilities - was http://ranier.oact.hq.nasa.gov/telerobotics_page/facilities.html

JPL Robotics - was http://robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/

Machine Vision Group - was http://robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/groups/mvts/

ROBOTICS - was http://robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/people/welch/other-robotics.html

URBIE -- urban robot project -- JPL Machine Vision Group - was http://telerobotics.jpl.nasa.gov/tasks/tmr/index.html

Personal Satellite Assistant - was http://ic-www.arc.nasa.gov/ic/psa/

Larry Matthies - was http://robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/people/lhm/homepage.html

Plus, now that it's successfully landed, Curiosity on Mars