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Don't let the Neighbours Cut Your Trees

It's a curious thing how folks who you previously got on well with can suddenly cease to be flavour-of-the-month simply by a rash decision to allow them to take an inch, whereupon they take a mile.

Just as surely as you should never lend money to your friends, because you'll lose both your money and your friends, you should not give your neighbours permission to trim any trees or plants growing in your garden!

What is likely to happen is a serious distortion of perspective, where although anyone can see what would be "sensible" in terms of pruning of growth that was overgrowing into the neighbouring territory, your neighbours may suffer a serious aberration of judgement and may vandalise your plantlife, and may seem unable to see they have done anything wrong.

So beware! Allowing your neighbours to trim your trees is like trusting dogs to guard your dinner.

Thus speaks someone whose ancestral prize possession unusual tree species have been vandalised and slighted by their next door neighbour. Don't let the same thing happen to you! If your neighbour turns up with a pet bodger-in-all-trades and a saw, offering to "trim" or "prune" your plants, you should look at them with the same disdain you'd apply if asked if you wouldn't mind lending them a fiver to bet on the dogs.

Having your beloved trees hacked about is heartbreaking, and it is merely a speculation that no win no fee lawyers could help to remedy the sad situation by pinning a worrisome writ upon the door of the nearby offender.