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What happened to Next's affiliate program? (now UNcorked!)

A while ago next, the famous fashion directory, had an affiliate program with Buy.at . Buy.at used to be OK then, and it was only after Buy.at was Bought.out by AOL that there was a problem. It was that the Buy.at contract wasn't fair to affiliates, or at least I didn't think it was. Anyway, none of this was the fault of Next! We like Next and are going to continue to promote them especially now they've got a new affiliate program with Affili.net! Although some of the other Merchants still stuck at Buy.at remain CORKED, at least NEXT are back being promoted via this helpful site Zyra.org.uk . This is a site with no silly voucher codes, no PPC, and none of that incentivised nonsense. However there is a nice Shopping Portal

Now that next have a new arrangement at Affili.net , their affiliate programs have been consolidated as follows...

The website of Next Directory is www.next.co.uk - see Next Fashion (see note below)

The website of Next Online Fashion is also www.next.co.uk - see Next Online (these are the same program now)

And the website of Next Flowers and Wine is www.nextflowers.co.uk - see Next Flowers and Wine

nextWe're pleased to be promoting next again, and glad to see that a good arrangement has been reached! Let's hope the new arrangement will continue to be mutually good for business for years to come! Welcome Back, next!