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NiMH : Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Following the publication of the page "Batteries", we now have this extra piece of money-saving advice, which has been sent-in...

Hi :)

Just reading your articles on batteries with interest.

I have a small money saving tip, which may be of
interest.  I've been using a digital camera for a
while, and tried many types of batteries, but found a
type that works particularly well in digital cameras

The manufacturers recommend using Alkaline types,
which yield about 50 pictures before the 'low battery'
alert, and the same with NiCd types.

I managed to pick up some Nickel Metal Hydride types,
which give me about 200 pictures! As you'll probably
know, they don't have a 'memory' like NiCds, and can
be 'top up charged'. They also don't cost a lot either
(and can sometimes be nabbed out of certain mobile
phones). Much better results than any other method
I've found.

Am I being cynical I wonder when I believe that the
manufacturers of these digital cameras (companies like
FUJI, KODAK etc), also manufacture Alkaline batteries,
and deliberately don't inform us that NiMH batteries
are great for this use?   :)

best wishes,


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