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What's happened to the affiliate program of NOKIA ?

NOKIA, a mobile phone company. They make mobile phones, and they're very well known. You see Nokia phones around the world.

Good news update: Nokia have returned! See Nokia

Well of course it's great to have affiliate links connecting people up to the Nokia website, and we like to get on well with Nokia, so that's all good. However, there has been a problem:

Although Buy.at was a good company for affiliate programs a while ago, they suffered a setback, and new variant Buy.at under AOL was not conducive to good business at this site!

Platform A Buy.at were given many chances to mend their ways, but sadly they apparently failed to comprehend the knock-on effects of having a contract which alienates affiliates and upsets the good business of prosperous merchants.

So, what now? Well of course NOKIA could have a new affiliate program, with one of the many other affiliate marketing companies, and I have made considerable efforts to phone Nokia and to tell them this. However, for a phone company they are very hard to contact, and it is quite amusing in its sad irony to encounter "I'll just put you through to marketing", and then a robot saying "all outgoing lines are unavailable. please try again later" or something like that.

Oh well, poor old Nokia! We tried to help, though!

Note that this was a while ago. There is good news now as Nokia have returned, with a new affiliate program at TradeDoubler! See Nokia

The rest of this page (historical now) continued...

Now customers, don't worry! You can still get yourself the latest Nokia mobile phone! There is no problem at all with this, as you can browse through a remarkable variety of MOBILE PHONE SHOPS online here. Almost all of them have Nokia phones in their range. So, give them a try!

Of course you can now visit Nokia directly now!

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