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Page Missing ?

Oops! Not found. It's easily done, asking for a page that might not be there at Zyra's website, or getting the spelling slightly wrong. Sometimes, it's the ".htm" that's missing off the end, for example it's www.zyra.org.uk/trains.htm rather than zyra.org.uk/trains . Sometimes it's the problem of putting the page name in CAPITALS rather than in lower-case. Another thing that sometimes happens is when people forget to put ".uk" on the end of the domain, so they put zyra.org when the main site is really zyra.org.uk , so for example the golf page is zyra.org.uk/golf.htm , not zyra.org/uk/golf.htm and not zyra.org/golf or other variants.

Have another try, and good luck! If you think the page really should be there and it's actually missing, please write in and mention it. Always trying to be helpful here!

Other pages can be looked up in the Full site index where everything is listed in alphabetical order.