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NTL Home - Great Value EntertainmentNTL

NTL digital services. Telephone, Digital TV, Broadband Internet. NTL:home - great value entertainment. The spread of NTL cable into wider areas of the UK must be a bit of a worry for some of NTL's competitors, but it's a slow process getting the network all laid into place.NTL Home - Great Value Entertainment If you feel lucky, see if NTL have your area covered! NTL POSTCODE SEARCH

NTL: "Great value Telephone and Digital TV core services – in addition to Broadband! ... NTL provides a range of great value communication services to the home, including Broadband Internet access, Telephone & Digital Cable Television, all delivered via a single cable into your home".

NTL Broadband: "NTL is the UK’s leading Broadband ISP and provides one of the cheapest ways to take up broadband. We have very competitive monthly subscriptions with FREE installation and FREE modem rental. You can choose from our 150k, 600k, or 1mB Broadband connection speeds, with prices starting from just 17.99 per month. Alternatively, you can pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited dial up surfing".

NTL Telephone: "NTL offer more Unlimited Talk Plans than any other provider in the UK. With our Unlimited phone packages you don't have to worry about your phone bill. We also offer reduced rates to mobiles and international calls from just 2p a minute".

NTL Digital Cable Television: "You can enjoy over 100 Digital TV channels and more than 30 digital radio channels with our great value digital TV Family Pack. All this for just 28 per month - and that includes your telephone line rental".

CUSTOMER OFFERS - APRIL 2004: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE "Buy ntl's Talk Unlimited 24 call plan for only 25 per month and make unlimited UK national and local calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And then get either FREE dial up Internet access for 12 months or FREE Digital TV base pack for 12 months. See ntlhome.com for full terms and conditions".

NTL Broadband PLUS: (NEWS 2004): "It's official, NTL is the UK's leading Broadband services provider. We're the first ISP to install one million UK homes with Broadband Internet. ... NTL has launched an exclusive new service called Broadband Plus. Broadband Plus is an exclusive broadband content package, giving ntl broadband customers (600k & 1mb only) access to 15 premium content brands across the Music,Virgin Media Education, Family and Games sectors. Brands include the BBC, MTV and Encyclopaedia Britannica - with much of the content exclusive to Broadband Plus. The service is like a digital TV package for broadband Internet customers, enabling access to over 230,000 music tracks, 10,000 videos and over 150 games. This is the first package of its kind in Europe and continues ntl's innovative approach to broadband services, which has seen us become the UK's leading broadband ISP".

News 2007: NTL has been taken over by Virgin Media

If you are interested in finding out more, you can visit Virgin Media, whose links are on here.

NTL Home - Great Value EntertainmentNTL Home - Great Value EntertainmentPreviously, you could VISIT NTL HERE

http://sales.ntl.com/ affiliate program was with BUY AT

NEWS 2007: NTL have been taken over and merged with Telewest and Virgin.net to become Virgin MediaVirginVirgin Media. We're happy to relink this page and resume being good for business. Of course the page will remain! Good news as a reasonable affiliate arrangement has been agreed and now along with other Internet Service Providers and other Virgin companies, Virgin Media will be promoted here!

Still (2011) waiting for Virgin Media to have an affiliate program again!