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OMG UKOMG UK merchants
List of merchants with Online Media Group UK featured at Zyra's website

OMG - Online Media Group is a specialist affiliate marketing company specialising in finance and insurance. Here at Zyra's affiliate website a great many OMG merchants enjoy presence here, provided they can put up with the insistence on freedom of speech, of course!

Most of the merchants in the list are happy with this.

Here is a list of merchants with OMG...

The One Account - bunged up1st plus

first direct bank - currently missing out because of their failure to understand freedom of speech

First Plus Financial Group - bunged up

Accepted Secured Loans - VB

Agent Provocateur - moved to Affiliate Window


AIG Home Insurance

AIG Motor Insurance

Alliance and Leicester

Alliance and Leicester Bank

Alliance and Leicester Money Back BankAlliance and Leicester

Alliance and Leicester Savings Account

Alliance and Leicester Premier Account

Alliance and Leicester Unsecured Personal Loans

Alliance and Leicester Premier 21

Alliance and Leicester Premier 50

Ampalian Jewellery - bunged up

Approved Car Finance - bunged up


Asda Annual Travel Insurance

ASDA Car InsuranceASDA - part of the Walmart group

ASDA Home Insurance - these moved to TradeDoubler and then packed up.

Asda Pet Insurance

Asda Single Travel Insurance


Aviva / Norwich Union; what's happened to their affiliate program?

AVIVA - famous name in Insurance! - moved to The New Buy.at

AXA PPP health Insurance



Barclays Offshore - for bank accounts in a tax haven. Well Done!


Barclaycard BusinessBarclays

Barclaycard Breathe Card

Barclaycard Charity Credit Card

Barclays Football Card

Barclays Home Insurance

Barclays Car Insurance

Barclaycard One Pulse

Barclays Travel Insurance

Barclaycard Trading Remotely

Barclays Life Insurance

Bennetts Motorbike Insurance

Betfred - moved to Commission Junction

British Gas

British Gas - moved to TradeDoubler

British Gas Loans - bunged upCancer Research UK

British Gas Home Insurance - bunged up

British Gas Life Insurance - bunged up

Cancer Research UK - moved to Affiliate Window


Castle Cover Car Insurance

Castle Cover Home Insurance

Charcol Mortgages - bunged up

Cheap Travel Insurance

City Dating - VB

Cheltenham and Gloucester Mortgages

ChurchillChurchill Car Insurance

Churchill Insurance

Churchill Breakdown Cover

Churchill Car Insurance

Churchill Home Insurance

Churchill Van Insurance

Churchill Motorbike Insurance

Churchill Pet Insurance

Churchill Travel Insurance


Co-op Advantage Platinum Card

Co-op Bank - The Cooperative BankCredit Expert

Co-op Clear Credit Card

Co-op Travel Credit Card

Co-op Home Insurance

Co-op Motor Insurance

Credit Expert from Experian - moved to Commission Junction

Crystal Pre Paid Credit Card - VB


Debenhams Pet Insurance

Debenhams Travel Insurance

Although, Debenhams department store affiliate program is with Affiliate Window

DebtBuster Loans

Decision Finance

Decision Finance - Business Credit Cards - bunged up

Decision Finance - Business Insurance - bunged up

Decision Finance - Business Loans - bunged up

Decision Finance - Business Mortgages

Decision Finance - Commercial Finance - bunged up

Devitt Motorbike InsuranceDirect Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Insurance

Direct Line - Well Done! They are Not on Price Comparison websites!

Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Home Insurance

Direct Line Landlord Insurance

Direct Line Home Rescue Cover

Direct Line Life Insurance

Direct Line Pet InsuranceErnest Jones

Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Travel Insurance

easy Money Car Insurance

Ernest Jones


Farm Africa

Green Flag Breakdown Cover


Halifax Home Insurance

Halifax Unsecured Loans

Halifax Mortgages

hpi Check - bunged up

Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox Business Insurance

Hiscox Home Insurance


HSA Healthcare: Cash Plan - bunged up

HSA Dental Plan - bunged up

HSA Personal Medical Plan - bunged up




HSBC Bank Account

HSBC Bank Account PlusHSBC

HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC Home Insurance

HSBC Car Insurance

HSBC Online Bonus Saver

Independent Finance Corporation Limited IFCL

Kwik-Fit Car Insurance

Linguaphone - moved to The New Buy.at

LV= Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria Unsecured Loans - bunged up

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance - moved to The New Buy.at

Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance - moved to The New Buy.at

Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo

Lloyds TSB Platinum Card - bunged up

Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card (old page) - bunged up and redirected

Loans and Mortgages - categoryMarks and Spencer Personal Loan

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Car Insurance - VB

Marks and Spencer Home Insurance - VB

Marks and Spencer Personal Loan

Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance

Marks and Spencer Wedding Insurance - bunged up

More Than> - (At long last, good sense is now being seen!)

More Than - moved to TradeDoubler

More Than> Business Car Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

More Than - Car Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

More Than - Home Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

More Than Van Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

OLD page of More Than, with Cats - Obsolete - just kept for historical archive purposes

Motor Insurance.co.uk

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Motorcycle Insurance

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Car InsuranceMultiyork

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Van Insurance

Multiyork - bunged up

My Future Group

My Future Finance Annuities - bunged up

My Future Finance Investment Bond - bunged up

My Future Finance Equity Release - bunged up

My Future Finance Life Insurance - VB

My Future Finance Pension Transfer - bunged up

National GuaranteeNationwide - proud to be different


The Nationwide - proud to be different

Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide Mortgages


Natwest Car Insurance

Natwest Home Insurance

What's New Index - that's the list of new items at this site!

Norwich Union - they have become AVIVA

Norwich Union

Norwich Union Direct - Annual Travel Insurance

Norwich Union Direct - Motorbike InsuranceNorwich Union

Norwich Union Direct - Car Insurance - redirected and moved to the New Buy.at

Norwich Union Direct - Home Insurance

Norwich Union Direct - NU Rescue

Norwich Union Direct - Single Travel Insurance

Norwich Union - Unsecured Personal Loans

Norwich Union Direct - Van Insurance

Norwich Union - NU Healthcare

Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance


OMG UK themselves

OMG UK Merchant List - that's this pageOMG UK

Picture Loans


Privilege Car Insurance - bunged up

Privilege Home Insurance - bunged up


Promise Finance Mortgages

Promise Finance Secured Loans


RAC - moved to The New Buy.at

RAC Car Insurance - moved to The New Buy.at

RAC European Breakdown Cover - redirected

Random Selector - another interesting feature at Zyra's site

Rescue My Car

R.O.EYE work with OMG


Saga Home Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

Saga Motor Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

Sainsbury's Wine - bunged up

Simple Cover - bunged up

Swiftcover Car InsuranceSwinton


Swinton/Safeguard Caravan Insurance

Swinton/Safeguard Motorhome Insurance

Swinton Taxi Insurance

Swinton Insurance

Freefone Swinton

UK Life Direct Ltd - Life Insurance - bunged up

Tuxedo Card


Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Visa Card

and previously...

Vanquis Abacus Credit Card

Vanquis Blue Card

VirginVanquis Gold Credit Card



Virgin Cancer Cover

Virgin Car Insurance - bunged up

Virgin Home Insurance - bunged up

Virgin Life Insurance

Virgin Loan

Virgin Pet InsuranceJoin WWF

Virgin Money and Virgin Credit Card

Virgin Wines - bunged up

Want Glasses

Wiltshire Farm Foods

WH Smith

WH Smith Entertainment

WH Smith the famous Bookshop

also see WH Smith archive stuff

WWF - World Wildlife Fund - World Wide Fund for Nature


Yes Car Insurance

Yes Home InsuranceOMG UK

Yes Van Insurance

And others...

If you'd like to Visit OMG and apply to join, either as a merchant or an affiliate, please mention ZYRA put the word in. We all help each other in this business.

VB: If you're wondering what "VB" next to a merchant name means, it means that the affiliate links have been changed by OMG and they no longer work, and instead they come up with a Microsoft VB Script Error. See OMG Error. Embarrassing.

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