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In a list of companies in a category, generally no-one should be left out. This all-encompassing policy is good, and is generally limited only by the limited time there is to add items to the lists. Just about anyone can be on the list. But clearly not everyone can be ON THE TOP of the list, and several would like to be. So, there was originally a system for dealing with that situation: The order of the top of list was index-linked to the order of the PRESTIGIOUS LIST , and the others are randomly shuffled for fairness. This listing by profitability idea was the way many of the lists were arranged, but this became impossible to run when affiliate money contributions could not be accurately added into the calculations.

So, although in the early days it was possible to get to top position in a category list by adding a Prestigious List entry, this is no longer sensible as affiliate money vastly outweighs Prestigious List money (2004). However, if you would like to be on the PRESTIGIOUS LIST you can be, for a reasonable payment, and as the order of the Prestigious List is arranged directly by payments, you're only in competition with other members of the list.

This is a business venture, a commercial enterprise, and I make it clear that I am doing this to make money. When paying me for a Prestigious List entry, you should be sure in your own mind what you actually get for your money, and be happy with that.