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Why Zyra's website is .ORG.UK

Zyra's website Zyra.org.uk is a site of international interest, with thousands of pages, and as well as being informative and entertaining and educational, it also makes money. So, you might wonder why it's a .ORG.UK ?! Well, these things have a history to them. Zyra has been known for being careful with money, and in the early days domains seemed to be a ratbag business where you'd pay a rent on something that wasn't real. However, in the year 2000, the FreeNetName company brought relief to the situation by giving away domains. So, in July 2000, Zyra got a website. Now as FreenetName only did .co.uk and .org.uk domains, and at the time Zyra.co.uk was owned by some other folks, the Zyra website was Zyra.org.uk !

We've always got on well with the people who originally had Zyra.co.uk , and later when they parted with it and Zyra.net , we were keen to add these to the site (they are all connected together in interesting ways now, as you'll find out when you explore the labyrinthine setup).Evergreen

Unfortunately, at the time of the original co.uk registration, cybersquatters acquired the dot com and the dot org. There has always been a hate of cybersquatters, and over the years this site has campaigned towards putting cybersquatters out of business. A key feature of this loathing of cybersquatters is that such evil should never be allowed to prosper, and as with other types of blackmail, it's not acceptable to give in to it. Interestingly, though, cybersquatters who had the dot org domain gave up and let it lapse. So, Zyra.org now joins the actual Zyra site, though its main purpose is to avoid confusion for people looking for Zyra.org.uk !

At the time of the launch of the .eu domain registry, there was a rush to grab domains, and at the time Zyra's site was a target for would-be profiteers. However, because the .eu domain registry had a half-decent policy on charging for domains, cybersquatters did not win. A year after the original scandal, the cybersquatters who had bagged Zyra.eu gave up! See the full story here: Story of Zyra.eu

When Choosing Your Own www Domain, diversity of domains is important, and it's good that the world is not monopolised by dot-com'ishness. There have been some lamentable cases of people and companies falling into that bad habit. I could name a few, and put some shame on them, but instead let's be more tactful and keep some peace. However, a Well Done to The BBC for being BBC.co.uk , and initially a Well Done to Skype.NET , and a few other notable cases. Zyra is another rebel against domain homogenisation, so the main Zyra site is still Zyra.org.uk !

Yes, it is true that Zyra is mad, but there's a valid point being made here: The Internet is the International Net, and generally ALL websites can be seen all around the world. They're like radio stations on the Long Wave, where their signals carry globally. So, a .org.uk website can be seen in The USA just as well as any other type of site. The same applies to other types of sites and other locations. There's no regional prejudice, or at least there shouldn't be.

Zyra is emigrating for tax purposes, and moving to the Republic of Panama, so is the site going to remain Zyra.ORG.UK ? Yes! It is! Although some of the pages (particularly for American companies) are going to be within Zyra.NET , the main front page will still be Zyra.org.uk ! You have to understand this. It's a confirmation of the truly international quality of The Internet

Besides being the longest-standing of the Zyra sites, it's also got some of the most popular pages, for example the element mercury, and the Argos Catalogue, etc. Although Chicken Hypnosis is at Zyra.TV , "If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines" is at Zyra.org.uk , and that is the case with a great many other interesting intriguing pages.

It's a fact that MOST of the .org.uk websites are charities. The .org.uk site is the natural choice for a British charity, and if you look at the page of Charities, it's interesting to see how many are .org.uk sites. However, you don't need to be a charity to be a .org.uk , and that's how it should be. There's an approximate demographic.

We get on quite well with Nominet (the British registry of .co.uk , .org.uk , and .me.uk domains) most of the time. They may have a had a bit of trouble in accepting people who have a single name, but that's probably just a temporary glitch and they'll get over it as with other forms of diversity-acceptance. I believe they made a poor decision about .net.uk domains, which you can see with the story of OneTel, who used to be a .net.uk until the Nominet rules put their email system out of business and they had to shift everyone's personal webspace! Since then, .net.uk has become almost unheard of, and you know whose fault that is? Anyway, Well Done to Nominet on their sensible domain pricing policy. It is because of this, and a few other things, that has made .co.uk the second most popular domain type in the world. Britain is up there ahead of .fr and .de and .it and a few other places that are probably looking in disbelief and bewilderment at the success of .uk

Although Zyra.org.uk isn't a charity, the site has altruistic content as well as business content. This is a feature of the Internet in general, that you have loads of stuff that's available free, and then you sell stuff as well. The British Museum has been like this for a longer history than the Internet, and has extraordinary exhibits which can be viewed, free, for the education and enlightenment of anyone who'd care to visit. And of course there's a gift shop where stuff is on sale. So, don't be surprised that Zyra has carried this principle on.

If you're wondering Does Zyra Stand For Anything? Well, Zyra stands for individuality and personal freedom, fair play, personal success, scientific progress, and other idealistic things. And in answer to the other question, no, it's not an acronym. It's not the Zero Year Research Agency or anything like that. It's just a good name with some pizazz to it. If you're wondering Why Zyra? then this is also explained.

Zyra.org.uk is run according to a set of principles of personal honour and integrity (also see site policies) and this sometimes leaves businesses gobsmacked on account of the fact that decisions are made on the basis of what's right rather than what's more profitable. This fits well with the principles of what an ORG.UK should be. It's self-governed, and the principles are in-house, rather than being imposed by any external regulatory body. Honour within Anarchy is a future trend which will become more widespread.