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ElephantThis is the test page at

Link to the ZYRA front page //// site index

Experiments going on here into different things that are possible with html, making sure that it is not stuck to assumptions about one browser!

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Test page for TABLESchicken

Test page for BORDERS

Test page for HEX numbers 00-FF

Double-Isolated Affiliate Template Page

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Pointers to other pages to be helpful

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Zyra-ext.htm page for use on other sites

FIND - is supposed to be linked from the site index

Zyra Advertisement - a demo page to advertise the site on itself

DOORWAY - has to exist for other reasons

sindexe.htm - template page for site index alphabetic section generator

sindext.htm - template page for site index multisection (000-nnn) generator

Redirect - page for replacing any redirected page.

Redirect 2 - new improved naff page for replacing any redirected page.fireworks

robots.txt - Welcome! All robots!

The CLIQUE - an experiment in web interrelationship

Experimental Test Page for filenames longer than 8 characters

NO STRESS - the No Stress page is used as a patch to cover troublesome pages

WML wap enabled site: index.wml , links.wml , mphones.wml , wapolicy.wml , wml10.dtd

Floccillanfairpwllgwyngyllosaurus test word verify

There are insert here pages in this site, of which x are in the periphery

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Spelling redirections: zira, xyra, zara

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Issue34 front page picture

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test page coded as dormouse

dB : decibels

pic1 again pic1 me in the asylumanother weird picture

Tux the Linux penguintuxtux Astral 3A

Andale Mono

Angsana New


Arial Black

Comic Sans MSanother Zyra test-image

Cordia New


Courier NewPicture of Zyra from the front page of Issue29



InkpenZyra HTML piccy


Iris UPC



Heals Zyra communicating with friends


Zyra communicating with friends


Zyra communicating with friends

Pirate flagMS Gothic

FilmFilmMS Sans Serif

MS SerifP and O Cross-Channel Ferry

OpusFocus Kitchen Appliances

small fonts



TerminalLeningrad by night

Times New Roman

Smart EyesSmart EyesSmart Eyes

Trebuchet MS


Elephant!Elephant Insurance



index space cats


E=MC2Virility Health



Flutterwashing machine

Choosing a proper web domain

There was a "Try My Fast URL" thing here which was a[your name here] type of thing. This worked for a while, later contained a ridiculous number of splat adverts, and finally expired! Stick with proper domains! See proper domains

Bravenet Web Servicesmeeting

photo galleryDragon on the Wall

Another weird picture of Zyra

Norwich UnionAnother odd picture

Mad Pride

One of the front-page pictures


Boston Limoscene

Par Avion?


        Paramount Zone bits Paramount Zone bits Paramount Zone bits Paramount Zone bits NEXT

Front page from Issue77

Professional Carwash Service

Baseball Gloves

Another weird pictureIt was getting a bit crowded so some of the pictures that were on this page have been moved to the page of PICCIES


Post BoxOld Post Office

Tropical Places

Walnut from UK Casino Club

Mirror LeftMirror RightBig Tea MugBig Tea Mug.

Yellow and Black diagonal linesCircular Issue 104 pictureAnother weird picture, part of photo gallery modelling shots 5

This Is A Circular