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Papier Mache

The craft of Papier Mache / papier-mâché is a fine artistic technology in which paper is mashed up and mixed with glue and used as for creating small, strong, lightweight items whose shape can be finely sculpted by a variety of techniques.

Here are a few helpful references about Papier Mache:




Impressive Seahorse Sculpture by Hazel Bryce - was http://www.seahorsesculpture.com/ - now http://youtu.be/9pRNfUWeHLE and www.hazelbryce.com - How about that?!




The industrial applications of paper mashy (papier-mâché) soon dawned on Zyra when the idea was realised that it could potentially be a building material which did not cost any money!

In the art of papier mache, the small size of the items (in model making) meant there was no problem with affording glue, but Zyra's extended idea for building great domes required there be no extra costs, so the system involved putting large numbers of old newspapers into old-style washing machines, whose slow-moving electromechanical agitators soon turned the newsprint into messy stuff like porridge, in bulk. This could then be applied to a former and dried in the sun. Much to other people's surprise, this worked! Instant architecture! Well, almost. This is further explored in the stuff about Extreme Paper Mache! . Astronomy domes could be made supported on air and constructed in unusual places. This is different to the model making approach on kitchen tables, and the first test proof of concept was 6ft diameter.