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Please and Thankyou

What a strange idea - Please and Thankyou! We can more than comfortably cope without Russell Brand, but if this is your choice we won't stand in your way!!

Please and Thankyou:

"Who are Please&thankyou?

Imagine Russell Brand ran the Conran Shop and Joan Rivers was editor of Homes and Gardens magazine. Now say that they downed several tequilas and decided to set up an online homewares and gift shop (stay with me ...) the result would be ... Please&thankyou.co.uk. A lifestyle magazine and retailer - with an edge.

The site (www.pleaseandthankyou.co.uk) is a fusion of an online store and lifestyle magazine. P&T scour the market for the latest, coolest, funniest and absolute best products for your friends or home.

They do special product deals with suppliers, slash the margins and then pass these on through special offers.

Please&thankyou features over 2,000 products arranged in 22 departments and includes top brands from Arthur Price to Zassenhaus. New products are added every day and the range will increase to over 3,000 products in the next year.

The P&T style magazine is woven around the departments and imparts informative, yet irreverent product purchasing advice. It includes The Gospel - a permanent advisory feature which is a bit like Which? magazine for homewares.

P&T customers and subscribers receive the magazine e-newsletter every month and a supplementary product-filled email with all the latest P&T deals".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Please and Thankyou

www.pleaseandthankyou.co.uk affiliate program was with DGM PRO, but unfortunately DGM UK have gone into Administration, leaving us without the affiliate links, and so this page has had to be bunged up for now. Meanwhile, Please and Thankyou are looking to have some news, hopefully good news, around the end of October 2010. We look forward to that. You are welcome to put in the website address mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.