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Monte Carlo Casino

This page was created for the purpose of telling you about a place called "Play Monte Carlo Casino" and giving you the opportunity to visit the casino and try your luck if you so desired. Play Monte Carlo Casino was described as "Europe’s Number 1 online casino" and had multi-currency casino gambling with distinctive casino classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Caribbean Poker as well as Slot Machines, Video Poker, Virtual Horse Racing, and other such gambling games. It was a "no download" casino, and was designed to work on most computers on some browsers. Play Monte Carlo Casino was operated by BettingCorp (part of a publicly listed US company).

Play Monte Carlo Casino was based around the UK market and other European countries, and was specifically stated as not for players in the USA.

Described as "a new class of casino", Play Monte Carlo casino offered casino games that were designed to appear on your PC in seconds, the option of playing with real money or just for fun, no downloading of software, a secure gaming platform, multi currency gambling (in Pounds Sterling, Dollars and Euros, a professional UK customer support team ready to deal with any queries by email or phone, and the facility to pay winnings directly into your bank account (if you won, that is).

Shortly after this page was created to help to advertise the casino, the affiliate program ended, which was a shame after after all that trouble had gone into building a nice page that was built to last. If you're still interested, there are some of the URLs listed below, or you can try your luck at...


http://www.playmontecarlo.co.uk and http://www.playmontecarlo.com affiliate program was with UK Affiliates but is now bunged up

"Playmontecarlo.com was operated by BettingCorp a trusted well-known name in the industry with over 3 years of experience in running betting and gambling services in the UK. BettingCorp is part of NASDAQ-listed Open-TV inc".