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Dean Riches: singer, songwriter, poet and comicDean Riches - culture poet

Hi poetry-readers! Well the web's growing thanks to ZYRA! I would like to share with you may hates, likes, and inspiration:


Good food, good poets, Psychobilly, gigging, making people laugh, good friends, The Meteors, real poetry.


Life, John Cooper Clarke, John Hegley, William Blake, Punk Rock, Joolz, New Model Army, Levellers.


When I do a show it's diverse, funny, meditative fun, folky, rappy, rocky, chilly, different, from the heart, interesting, real, touching, moving.

(Couple of my poems)

The Under-Dogs

Not in my class,
But only their own;
not to be called flash
an under dog to some.
Always on the outside;
never at the top
and discreetly they hide
the under-dogs never stop.


I live for today
Forget Tomorrow
Yesterday slips away
Oneday is all i know
Up in the morning
Live for today
It's a new day for living
View & be happy


I keep dreaming
i want to be someone,
i keep on looking
until the day comes.

when hopes were shattered
i kept on dreaming
the only thing that mattered
is to never stop trying

I can see my vision;
i can see my destiny
it's hard sometimes it's wrong
but - one day it shall be.

I keep on dreaming,
that's what i want to be
i keep on dreaming
one day a dream i shall see.

Dean Paul Riches

Book: Vast SkiesNew book: VAST SKIES is available through Spotlight Poets, Colts Wood Drive, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9JX, UK. Price is 6.95 GB. P.O. order to above address. Contains 15 poems of my work.