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Dean Riches and his dog SnickerDean Riches - culture poet

2003/08: Hello again. Here's a picture of my faithful dog Snicker, my little spaniel.

Well things are moving gradually. I have a new book out now, entitled OUT OF THE SHADOWS 6.95 available from Forward Press, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9JX, UK. It contains 16 poems of my work, the best as yet.

I'm counting down to Cambridge at the moment, exchanging songs and poems with some gifted musicians. I hope we venture on to good things. The band is called Spuds United, with a guy called Phil Wyatt, who writes songs. I'll tell you later more about this venture.

So pleased Sue is well as she's come on great, and thanks to Marty for all his help. Thanks again to Stan, The Kiosk, Lynn, Kirsty, etc. Thanks to Spilsby Theatre for giving me the pleasure of performing and all who appreciate my work. Please look at my links page for more contacts.

Adios, Amigos, Poetrocitos!