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Pro Sun
quality false tanning products

Get the look, without damaging your skin in the sunshine. Avoid skin cancer and the prune look, visit Pro Sun for all your false tanning products.

Pro Sun:

"ProSun is a brand of quality false tanning products.

The innovative Jet Spray false tanning system, with no plug or batteries required, simply insert the can and spray the fine mist over the face and body.

An instant glow will appear, from the Vitamin A & E enriched formula. With a bag in the can technology, pure false tan is sprayed with no chemicals being released on to the skin. The tan will develop over a 3-5 hour period which will last up to a week.

Each can will cover 2 full body applications, and refills can be purchased.

Also in the range, a tan corrector mousse for any mistakes made during application. This product can be used with any false tan!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Apparently this is going to My Beauty Secrets

Pro Sun

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