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Pro Trolley

It seems everyone has a golf trolley today! However, at Pro Trolley you can get the ultimate in golfing gizmos, as they sell compliant remote controlled trolleys.

Pro Trolley:

"Since 2004 ProTrolley has been evolving to become a premier source for Golf Trolleys.

The company's leadership and success is built on its proven ability to provide customer-driven products at excellent prices, offering our clients a user friendly and unique shopping experience. Through an extensive assortment of professionally designed trolleys and our easy to navigate website, we offer a shopping experience that's inspired, modern and convenient.

ProTrolley are the market leaders in the development of compliant remote controlled Golf Trolleys. Established in the UK, ProTrolley is the exclusive UK Brand of all our products.

We offer a wide range of Electric Golf Trolleys and Remote Control Golf Trolleys, and golfing accessories distributing them throughout the UK & Europe. As the sole distributor of these products, we also provide in-house after-sales customer service and warranty".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Pro Trolley

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