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www.quizplayer.co.uk is a new online quiz site which is free to play. Created by an award winning design team the questions load in seconds and players have to answer each one correctly against the clock to reach the next level. There are three levels, each increasing in difficulty, and everyone who reaches 1,000,000 points is automatically entered into a prize draw. Players can also challenge their friends and relatives to join their 'Leaderboard' and beat their score. There are currently General Knowledge, Sports, Music and Football versions of the quiz, plus two special December Promotions. In its first month the original General Knowledge version of QuizPlayer achieved 22,883 registrations, of which 1,697 came from referrals. The challenge aspect of the site clearly works as there were over 850 Leaderboards created. A staggering 362,173 games were played, which averages out at nearly 16 games per person, and over 1,700 players managed to reach the score of 1,000,000 points.


www.quizplayer.co.uk affiliate program was with UkAffiliates.com but ended some time in 2004. It's still bunged up in 2012. Here's hoping QuizPlayer will soon have a new affiliate program there. In the meantime you can still type in the address or have a look at other COMPETITIONS which are worth having a go at! Have fun!