When moving house, it's usual to leave a forwarding-address. That's what's happened here. This page has moved to: http://www.zyra.org.uk/gubunco.htm

(Just go there. Please don't wait for the computer to do anything "automatic" as some search engines think that's cheating). Some search engines assume you are cheating even if you are not. see the stupid Google Updates. Let's Replace Google and find a different search engine which doesn't falsely accuse us honest websites!

CUT! For actual redirections to places other than Gubunco, this page is to be customised for each replaced page and then the customised copies uploaded to overwrite the old instances of the relocated pages.

Note: References within this page must be absolute (with http etc), as the extra copies of the page are not processed by HTMLISP! So:

1. Make a copy of the page to a prominent holding directory.

2. Rename the page to overwrite the moved page.

3. Customise the page (removing all this stuff).

4. At the time of publishing, move all customised copies into FTP directories.

5. After publishing, TEST!

Customers reading this page should not worry, as it is part of the engineering of Zyra's Website which is This Big and requires much clat and messing-about to ensure it does not have too many leaky holes in it! Besides the fact, there is no totally agreed proper way of doing a redirect. All methods have their down side. The difference is that here, humans take priority over search-bots!