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Proposed REMOTE VIEWING experiment

Remote Viewing is a method by which it is possible to make observations by means other than the obvious. It's extra-sensory perception. There are many different interpretations of what is really going on. Some of these express it as Astral Travelling, Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Telepathy, various transcendental models of the metaphysical world, etc. There is a sceptical viewpoint that says it can't possibly be true, but then again they were saying RADIO was lunacy/fantasy a couple of hundred years ago.

As with the discovery of Radio, it is a matter of performing scientific experiments in an open-minded way, so as to determine what the truth is. To that effect, we will be performing some REMOTE VIEWING EXPERIMENTS and publishing the results on this site. If you are interested, you can write in and sign up, (or not, if you don't want to. You can still take part in the experiment - it's just that we won't start until we've got enough people signed up to the list, so that it's possible to give a reasonable statistical result!) Note: Your personal details will not be published without your explicit sayso! Initially we're just looking for an "Interested List", so please express your interest by e-mail

That's a bit over-the-top isn't it?!The current plan is that a date and time will be announced, and then we will be telepathically transmitting something specific at that time. Anyone involved in the receiving can then write in, (before the closing date), and it will be interesting to see how much of the incoming info matches the transmitted stuff. Of course if the sceptics are right, there'll be nothing of any significance because it's all a lot of nonsense. However, experiments in the past by various rational people have come up with astonishing remarkable results, so, we will see what happens!

Now a bit more about the industrial and scientific applications of REMOTE VIEWING. One of the possible applications is in locating some of those large undiscovered planets that are some distance away and therefore a bit difficult to aim an astronomical telescope at. The idea is to go there by astral travelling, and then look at the sky from there and use that to determine where you are. It has to be mentioned here that such techniques aren't exactly 100% scientifically accurate, so what happens is that the results are collected from lots of independent sources and then put together and then used to guide a more scientific method, such as using a telescope, to find the actual locations!

Similarly, digging up buried treasure is a good application of the technique. By various magical means the location for the digging is figured-out, and then we go along with shovels and see what can be excavated!

We may even have an attempt at winning some money by gambling, in which case an agreement will be drawn up so we all get a share of the winnings!

Even if you don't believe in any of this, you must admit it's GOOD FUN! So, please express your interest by e-mail

Update: The first experiment has been done, but there were NO RESULTS. Mysteriously, no-one wrote in! That's quite odd in itself! Are we supposed to conclude that because of there being no response therefore there's no such thing as Remote Viewing / Astral Travelling?!

Another experiment is planned. If you're interested in taking part, please e-mail

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