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Right Price Furniture

We've heard of hardwood. We've also heard of Oak and Mahogany furniture, however we haven't heard of Mango Wood furniture. Take a look at Right Price Furniture and you'll find great furniture, even in Mango Wood!

Right Price Furniture:

"At Right Price Furniture, we've had a bit of a makeover and we're delighted to introduce our new collection of solid hardwood furniture - available in oak, mahogany and mango wood.

Recently we have appointed new suppliers and are pleased to announce that we no longer buy from wholesalers. This means we can now offer you a much wider selection of quality hardwood furniture, at even better prices!

We only source our timber from specialist hardwood merchants and our rigorous quality control ensures that only the finest are selected. All orders will be sent using a premium delivery service which is completely free of charge!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Right Price Furniture

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