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How to Avoid Being Robbed when in a Hotel Room

Well, you might say, we're not going to be robbed when in a hotel room! The door is locked and we're at least four floors above street level, and besides, no-one is going to be able to sneak in and steal our valuables while we're asleep - we'd wake up, and no-one would have the nerve to go lurking about in someone else's room while they're asleep!

But, strange as it may seem, that is exactly what CAN HAPPEN! I know this, as it has happened to me, and a friend of mine. We were four floors up in one of the many hotels in Gower Street, London. The door was locked, and the window had a good view over London with a lethal fall of about 50ft to anyone daring enough to try to balance on the ledge. And yet, during the night, a thief got into the room without waking either of us up, and stole hundreds of pounds of cash and some valuable personal items, having carefully picked through all the stuff and avoided stealing anything of doubtful value.

This could happen to YOU, so, let's see if that can be avoided by consideration of a few clues:

1. It is perfectly practical for a thief to poke about in the middle of the night in a room in which you are sleeping, without waking you up. Short of keeping an all-night vigil or taking turns to keep watch, your only hope of avoiding being robbed is to do very cunning things such as set traps and barriers to catch out the thieves and/or stop them getting into the room.

2. A window, nomatter how high up, and regardless of how afraid of heights you may happen to be, is no problem to a thief. Beware especially of windows which have a ledge outside, typically of the kind that go all the way along the row of hotels! Always lock the windows, even if it's hot weather. And, hang noisy items on the window-catches.

3. Door locks are often designed to make you feel safe rather than to make you safe. It is easy to get through locks, silently. To avoid this, you should barricade yourself in using the furniture, and/or place items which will smash very loudly in precarious positions so that they will fall if an attempt is made to enter.

4. Hotels have signs up that say "The Hotel takes no liability for any loss of property by the guests". Remember: If you lose everything, they will point to this and completely ignore anything else such as "Hotel Proprietors Act 1956" etc. Plus, when the police arrive, the hotel staff will say it is the first time the hotel has ever been robbed.

5. Thieves are invisible to closed circuit television. Closed circuit television is in general for the amusement of the people in control, and for spying on you, and even if there might be secret cameras watching you in your room, they'll not catch any criminals.

6. You should set booby traps in your luggage. Even if thieves get in, you may still have a chance of being woken up if you have some of those silly musical christmas card mechanisms wired up, party poppers connected up to string, and other foolishness put in place. However, smearing greasy lard on the ledge is not recommended as you may end up getting in trouble, plus it would be very sad if you inadvertently killed the window-cleaner.

7. If the thieves somehow manage to teleport in to the room, and manage to defeat all the tomfoolery you have cunningly wired up, you still have a hope that your money won't be stolen. Instead of keeping it in your pockets or purse, keep it inside a tissue box, smelly sock, naff souvenir item, or under the carpet. (don't forget where it is though!)

8. Consider insurance, (travel insurance), but make sure this doesn't cost more than you might lose. Another solution which is worth considering is to buy a gadget of the type which is a portable alarm. I have heard that some of the companies on the Gadgets Page supply these!

If you run a hotel and you'd like your guests to avoid worrying so much about this sort of thing, how about getting some guest HOTEL SAFES. These are small, secure, and hide away in the wardrobe with the spare blankets. Having safes in the rooms tends to give the hotel an air of being slightly more classy on account of implying that the guests staying there have belongings of great value that need to be secured. A good place for guest hotel safes is SAFE OPTIONS

Now, even though putting this page up on the Internet isn't going to get my money and belongings back from the thief, it may help to prevent you being robbed so easily. Plus, now I've published this page, many thefts will be prevented as people are forewarned! That particular criminal market sector has lost out bigtime by stealing from ME!

The page was originally published as shareware, but since then a much better financial remedy has been found: Travel Insurance