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The Rosetta Stone

For centuries, Egyptian hieroglyphics remained a complete mystery. But then the Rosetta Stone was discovered. This one find resulted in a revolutionary change. The inscribed text on the stone isn't very important, some public notice or other, but what makes it so amazing is that the same text is written in three languages; ancient Greek, Demotic, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. (like some tourist leaflets that have translations into different languages, but contain the same information). At the time, ancient Greek was well understood by scholars, so having the same text in hieroglyphs allowed the meanings to be found, like cracking a code.

The Rosetta Stone is therefore an icon of translation, and when it is on show in the British Museum (as seen in the picture here), it is often tricky to get near because of the numbers of people who want to see it. It was especially difficult taking this photo here, as it required skill to take a flash photo of an object in a glass case with people crowding round it.

Further information: The actual Rosetta Stone is about 3ft high, black, and has seen a lot of wear and damage over the years, (although it's being kept well now (2001)). The British Museum also has a full size replica, but the one in the photo is the actual Rosetta Stone. Also, it's possible to buy small copies in varying degrees of resolution and price from the British Museum Store.

It's known as The Rosetta Stone because it was found near the town of Rosetta. The stone is ancient, but it wasn't important until a few hundred years ago, when it provided a key to help unlock the mysterious lost language of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark and it's impossible to see the writing on the stone. I can assure you that the writing is quite clear to see if you're there seeing it! There's quite a lot of text on the stone, and it doesn't come out well on 640x480.

Other pages about the Rosetta Stone include http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosetta_Stone and http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/509988/Rosetta-Stone

I would like to put on this page a freeware/shareware software copy of the Rosetta Stone on which you can see the actual writing. I would guess that it is more than fifty years since the death of the writers (plus a millennium or two), so it likely out of copyright. So, it might be worth asking nicely at the British Museum.

Also see Rosetta Software's review on the Rosetta Stone (was http://www.rosetta.com/RosettaStone.html)

Then again, if you're looking for the BAND Rosetta Stone,
You might try this:

Other places called Rosetta Stone include www.rosetta-stone.co.uk the UK business information management solutions company whose motto is "Helping companies improve their Business Performance through the successful implementation of Information Management Solutions". See their page about the Rosetta Stone

Full-size replica of the Rosetta Stone.

Potential buyer requires full-size replica of the legendary Rosetta Stone. The British Museum used to sell full-size replicas a while ago, but demand was not high.

However, there are probably still some of these out there. If you have such a Rosetta Stone (full size), or know where such an artifact can be obtained, please let us know so we can forward the information on the the potential buyer.

I will be able to provide full sized replicas in the near future. I am negotiating with a company to make them after we make a mold of the few replicas that British Museum made from the original stone.

Glen Kuban
gkpaleo [at] yahoo.com

There is clearly a matter of the supply and demand for the full-size replica of the Rosetta Stone and there have been a number of requests for such. If this is for you, good luck!

Just in case you're interested, you can get a variety of Rosetta Stone paraphernalia at The British Museum Shop (just follow through to the place and then do a search for "rosetta"). As the Rosetta Stone is an icon of historic proportions it's to be expected that all kinds of things can be got with it on!Rosetta Stone language course

There is an update on the availability of replicas of the Rosetta Stone!:

Joel writes:

Rosetta Classic, LLC is developing museum-quality, full-size, 3D replicas of the Rosetta Stone. ...

This replica project is designed to help educate people about the significance of this incredible archaeological discovery. Please feel free to let people know about the website, which will provide an overview. Here is the link --

There is a company in the business of providing language teaching courses, and they have named the company after the famous Rosetta Stone! See Rosetta Stone Language to look at the possibility of learning a language.

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