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The real risk is winning... an expensive car

In the game of RUSH you stand a real chance of winning a snazzy car. The tickets are not cheap, but the prize is very good, and the number of tickets is limited, so you know in advance what your probability is of winning. Here's what RUSH Company say:RUSH - win a car! "Rushcomp.com co-ordinates limited probability competitions (limited number of tickets) that offer the opportunity to win some of the world's most sought after and glamorous cars and the perfect driving adventure to take them on.

You have the opportunity to Win one of these competitions:

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage + full entry to the Gumball 3000 + 5000 cash


Fully Loaded Land Rover Defender + full entry to World Cup Rally + 5000 cash

These cars bought and paid for by us in advance.

Someone has to win them, and the driving adventure of a lifetime.

We are selling 3000 tickets for the Aston Martin CompetitionRUSH - win a car! at 75 each and 2500 tickets for the Range Rover Competition at 35 each. When the last ticket is sold the draw takes place and the winner is announced".

My advice on this is to consider the facts: Someone will win these expensive cars. If you buy a ticket, it might be you who wins. However, you should only buy a ticket if you can afford to lose, and brave enough to stand the loss.

75 for a ticket to win an Aston Martin, or 35 for a ticket to win a Range Rover. Tempting?

This is where you could link to go to RUSH!

http://www.rushcomp.com/ affiliate program did well but has now gone

Alternatives: Gambling , Lottery , Football Pools

If there's any news on this, please let us know. Seems a shame to lose a page now the work has been put into creating it!

NEWS! A replacement has been found! Thousand2One - Performance Prize Car Draw. One Car, 1000 tickets, One Winner Every Time! Because of the fantastic odds, Thousand2one provides an exciting opportunity to win a performance car. Tickets are purchased by individuals, companies or as a present or gift. People want a realistic chance of winning, the better the odds, the greater the incentive to buy. It's simple, One Car, 1000 Tickets, One Winner Every Time ! Thousand2One

Oh well, that's now gone too! I suppose it's not unexpected that these car prize draw competitions evaporate like this. Presumably, someone won the car! See, a simple explanation for a previously paranoid mystery.

So, what are we going to do now? Well, if you're interested in the snazz and pizazz of CARS there are some enticing items at the CAR category here, and also, if you like to take risks and have a gamble, there are some excellent GAMBLING contacts here. The daredevil adventurous lifestyle is also shown by your choice of holidays and active pursuits. See Adventurous Gifts

You sometimes see competitions like this, to win a car, when travelling by air. In an airport, there's often a stand where there's a lottery to win a car. I wonder what happens to your excess baggage allowance if you win.