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Suppliers of GPS and SAT-NAV equipment:

When you want to have a GPS or a SAT-NAV, it's best to go to places that know what they are talking about, so you can get something that's right for you. A wide variety of devices exist, and they are unfortunately specifically made for purposes which might or might not be the same as what you want! This could easily be solved by the machines being general-purpose, or modular, etc!

Anyway, here's a list of GPS (Global Positioning System) and Sat-nav (Satellite Navigation) suppliers:


Tom Tom





Sat Nav 2u - the affiliate program has been LOST!

Audible.co.uk - Audio Book downloads for Sat-Navs included

Loc8tor - GPS Tracking: Track and find almost anything in the world monitor it from your mobile phone. One of the best value quality GPS devices available today

...Also, here are some interesting/amusing things about Sat-Nav!:

Also see About Sat-Nav, About GPS, Alternative Sat-Nav, Beware of the HOME option on a sat-nav and a few other interesting pages at this site.

Note that at the time of first publishing this page of suppliers of GPS equipment, the GPS and Sat-nav available was US GPS only, and as of 2010/01 there were still no Galileo GPS chipset GPS equipment available on the market. Let's hope this is resolved soon, as otherwise the manufacturers are not "future-proofing" their equipment.