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Satellite TV

and digital TV, in the UK

Sky TV - officially the UK's monopoly provider of satellite TV.

Sky Player - TV over the internet.

Sky Ireland

Freeview - digital terrestrial television, about thirty channels available free after a one-of cost for the digibox receiver.

Freesat - free satellite TV. - BBC, ITV, etc, numerous channels available on Satellite TV and it's FREE. Not to be confused with something else called "Freesat" by Sky TV

Home Choice - A broadband service provider who also offer Movies on Demand and Reply TV.

Virgin Media - looking at some of the counter-advertising by Sky TV (2007), it appears Sky TV consider them a severe rival anyway!

Alternative satellite TV - Satellite TV in the spirit of The Shortwave!

VMC Satellite - Could they have the cheapest deals around?

It's also handy to know where you can get TV Cables to connect these satellite TV / VCR digiboxes up. Use good quality satellite cable. Don't use normal tv aerial cable for satellite!

For many years, television in the UK consisted of a small number of high-quality channels. BBC1, ITV, BBC2, Channel4; There were polished wood colour television sets with four buttons. The concept of having dozens of channels on TV is something new to the UK in the late nineteen nineties and early zero zeros decades.

Although this page was originally about satellite tv in the UK, it's worth mentioning that we now have on this site an offer of Satellite TV and Satellite Internet in the USA: DirecTV / Directway by Rapid Satellite, and now also VMC Satellite

Early satellite TV parabolic dishes were quite large, and these are still good (and receive more signal than modern small dishes). They can also be put into use for radio astronomy