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Scale Watcher

Have you got a problem with Hardwater Scale, if so Scale Watcher may be the solution to your problems. Read their text below.

Scale Watcher:Scale Watcher

"About our company

Fast Systems Ltd founded in 1983, specialises in direct sales of high quality products. The main office is in Henley-on-Thames with a further office in Dudley, West Midlands. The company objective is to provide high quality products and excellent customer service.

Sales are around 3 million per annum and the two main product areas are water conditioners and ironing machines. For details of these see: www.fastpress.co.uk Scalewatcher is the original electronic patented water conditioner originally developed for industry and launched in 1989. Over 100,000 units have been sold so far.

The Scalewatcher is sold with a guarantee that it works or your money is refunded. It is made to uncompromising quality standards with the best components and is guaranteed for 10 years with an expected life of at least 20 years. Since its launch 14 years ago we, have had a 98% success rate under the guarantee".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Scale Watcher

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