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The SCHOOL problem

School - dreadful! Could do better. A HUMAN RIGHTS problem there. I still have nightmares about it to this day. However, there is a KNACK, which I have found from personal experience, a way to defeat the loathsome problem of a regime of personal belittling and humiliation dished out by school. There is a trick to confounding the authoritarianism of school. They can't stop you doing it; they can't do anything about it; and though they'll pretend you're in the wrong, they'll be at a loss. The knack is that in the end it doesn't matter what any of the teachers or the bullies think, they are powerless if you do this. In the end their negative judgements will be worthless. Here's what you do: You LEARN ALL THE STUFF. This is what school least expects. You just LEARN ALL THE STUFF, and that circumvents all the opinions and marking-down. By LEARNING ALL THE STUFF you can simply pass all the exams. That's because exams aren't a matter of opinion, they're a matter of FACT. The logic is as simple as that, LEARN ALL THE STUFF, and you win. It doesn't require WORK or EFFORT or SUBMISSION TO AUTHORITY. LEARNING ALL THE STUFF is unshakably a catch-all winning solution. Don't just believe it, try it! I did - it works! Start by using your memory to absorb knowledge and then practice seeing if you still know it. After a bit of practice you soon become startlingly good at this. Then ignore the notion they use in school that learning is boring. Instead, make it all FUN, and soon the whole idea that it's supposed to be difficult and hard work becomes a joke! Who are they trying to kid?! EH?! Next, get in contact with the Examination Board who make up the exams, and acquire a collection of OLD EXAMS. There's nothing secret about this, and the school can't stop you getting the old papers. Also, the SYLLABUS can be got, which details what you've got to actually learn to pass the exams. Nothing there about having to obey school rules! Set yourself up "exam conditions" and use a clock. See if you can answer all the questions and do all the exam easily. Mark your own results without cheating. After a bit of practice at exams and at LEARNING ALL THE STUFF you soon find you can consistently pass exams and get just about everything right. It is this ability that will allow you to WIN in the actual "for real" exams when it really matters. Imagine how shocked everyone will be when you get a top quality set of exam results. Also, remember that LEARNING is much more useful itself than exams. Finally, GOOD LUCK, but in the end it won't be "luck" that will make the difference, it will be YOU, and will be whether in the end you've LEARNT ALL THE STUFF!


In the next lesson I'll be following up this study by explaining how, after you've got a brilliant set of exam results, you can see about making a lot of money and thereby AVOID HAVING TO GET A JOB. [Read On!]

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