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This page is not the official site of SCOOT, telephone number and information finding company in the UK. The address of the actual website of SCOOT is:


Scoot can also be phoned FREE on 0800 192 192 UK and 0500 192 192 UK

Note that, it's FREE. However, on a test call in July 2001 it appeared to have been altered to a PREMIUM RATE EXPENSIVE NUMBER!

Now, August 2001, it's free again. But there is a rumour that it will go to a premium rate number in October. This is NOT GOOD NEWS. The point being that there are other companies that do a free directory enquiries service, and people are not silly.

What can we do to save Scoot? There must be some way we can help. I would have thought that Scoot could make money by a system based on affiliate programs, so the customer line remains free but companies pay a fee to Scoot for business brought to them by customers being referred on the phone. An agreeable percent figure would be good. Or what about some ways of selling advertising? There must be loads of good ways the company could make money. Any helpful suggestions, e-mail them to Scoot directly on the link off their website, or phone them at their head office on +44 (0) 1895 520000.

I'm not part of Scoot - I'm a customer, and I'm just trying to be helpful here. It's important we do something to SAVE SCOOT now, before it's too late! They do a good job, telling people phone numbers without charging, and bringing new customers to businesses, so let's support them.

Not to be confused with Scooter Central