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It is amazing how much bigger each year the latest DATA STORAGE systems are. It is even now (2001/05) getting to the extent where hard disc drive data storage is exceeding the imagination of some of the early science fiction writers!

SEAGATE is a business who used to give this site commission on sales brought to them via the linkSEAGATE logo on this page. Sadly their affiliate program with BeFree has ended. But we still have a good amicable relationship with Seagate,Seagate portable hard disc drive and you can still link to Seagate's site here...

LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE: www.seagate.com

Another good thing about Seagate, is that if you find any old Seagate hard disc drive, you can find how big it is and what the specifications of it are, just by getting the model number and putting it into a search! I found a double height hard disc drive I thought was in the 20 megabyte era and I found out it was one gigabyte SCSI, and it was from 1991, so I would guess someone paid a lot of money for that!

The picture (right) shows a more modern (2007) 160Gb portable USB2 Seagate external hard disc drive

In 2011, a typical portable Seagate USB drive was 1.5 terabytes. Coming on, isn't it?!

You can also visit the old link page (don't, though)