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Select Advertising

With SELECT advertising (in contrast to SPLAT advertising), the customer initiates the request. In the bad old days of splat advertising, companies were the initiators of the business and shouted about all over the place being a nuisance to customers who were indifferent and numbed versus the spambased silly splat advertising. In contrast, with Select Advertising, the customer is the initiator of the business.

To draw an analogy of contrasts, in the world of splat advertising, plumbers (for example), would tote their business by canvassing in the open marketplace badgering passers by to ask if any of them wanted any plumbing services. They would waste a lot of time and annoy a lot of people. In the world of select advertising, the story starts when the customer finds water coming through the ceiling and reaches for a phone book or a search engine or other reference, and there is no need to "push" or "hype" the plumbing service, as the customer actually has an initial need to call for a plumber!

On the Internet, the appalling reputation of SPAM as a method of advertising that has a negligible sign-up rate, is now being followed by stupid popups, annoying jiggling ads, and a variety of distracting banner advertising which has a clickthrough ratio of less than 1%. However, not all Internet advertising is splat advertising. You are reading this at Zyra's website, which has an index which gives you the choice of what to look up. This is select advertising.

Besides the obvious advantage of Select Advertising that it works because the customer has called for it, there's also the fact that it attracts (on average) a more intelligent customer.

If you'd like to see some Select Advertising, you can browse around this interesting website and look up things you want in the Site Index. Once you know it's there, you know where to look.