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BESPOKE software! If you want something creating to your specification, call these people! (link coming up soon)

Products include: Labelling software for the IT industry, screensavers, exhibition software, educational CBT software, industrial curtain cutting algorithms, and many other applications

Now, having trouble with the READ-ONLY ATTRIBUTE when dealing with files that have come off a CD on Windows? You can download a solution to this. Sente has the answer to this, having created a custom application to solve precisely this problem.

There's also a nice screensaver (Mosaic) which you might like to see, and the new (2001/07) GridCity screensaver which you really should see.

Plus, in 2008, Sente released the free downloadable program WRODS which helps to solve the mystery of whether mixed-up words in text are readable or not. Worth a try to see it for yourself.

Link here to go to: www.sente.co.uk

But for the label software, link here and examine SenLab for yourself!

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