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In the words of Servista themselves: "Servista is the UK's leading provider of phone, gas and electricity, saving households hundreds of pounds on their utilities and providing the convenience of one single eBill. In addition to receiving a single eBill for however many services consumers sign up for, eBills are conveniently stored online and can be analysed using Servista's bill analysis tools."

Servista supplies electricity and gas and also telephones and communication services. You can link to the Servista website from a link coming up next. Servista is a company whose proprietors have decided to give this site the chance to earn a commission on sales brought to their business from here. This is good for business and if you link from here, I get paid!

Link here to go DIRECTLY to Servista

I wonder where the new affiliate program is?! Please let me know! In the meantime, see Powergen

http://www.servista.com affiliate program was with UkAffiliates.com but now it's been bunged up