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JetLag prevention system: reducing the JetLag problem by the introduction of SHIPTIME

Jetlag is a problem for the traveller because the body is not naturally set up to switch time-zones. It can be very confusing knowing it should be daytime and finding it's night, or vice-versa.

This invention goes some way to prevents jetlag by creating SHIP-TIME onboard the means of transport such that instead of having a sudden shock of jarring instant time-alteration, time flows at a continuous rate throughout the journey. It is much easier for travellers to cope with time going at a different rate than it is to have a sudden shock change of time.

What happens is that the onboard clocks start at the departure local-time, and tick at a faster or slower rate (slower is better!) such that on arrival at the destination the time is correct. The only difference is that psychological time goes at a different rate during the journey.

The system can be used on aeroplanes, cruise liners, and spaceships. Even if the journey is to a different planet which has a different rotational rate and therefore a different day-length, the actual time and rate are set to accommodate the difference.

The system requires some thought on the part of passengers, the greater the disparity the greater the amount of mental control required. Obviously a requirement is at least some attention to clock-time, but without much difficulty a considerable level of improvement versus the symptoms of jetlag can be achieved.