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Picture of an actual customised signIt's a sign of the times:-)

Now historical, as this has been SOLD! - see the note at end of the page. Here's what the page previously said...

This advertisement is to inform you of the fact that you can now get YOUR name, website address url, or just about anything you'd care to specify, printed as a real, startlingly official-looking sign, sent to you by post.

The signs are created using a Dymo 2600 Signmaker and come out as 45mm high flexible strip. Take a look at the illustration and imagine what YOUR customised sign would look like, bearing in mind that the height of the strip is 4.5cm, the sign in the illustration is 53cm / 21inches wide. The signs are flexible and self-adhesive, and if treated well will last for many decades.

What you choose to have printed is up to you. Your website URL, your name, serious official signs and warnings and also quasi-serious warnings such as "BEWARE OF THE CAT", "HASH SMOKING ROOM", "TRESPASSERS WILL BE ELECTROCUTED", "OFFICE OF THE BOSS", "YEAR 2001 SAFE" etc, all are possible with this customised process.

Customised official-looking signs make an excellent gift, as you can create something the recipient has not got, and probably wouldn't have thought of!

Characters available are: One case letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, dot (.), slash (/), dash (-), ampersand (&), <, >, +, and SPACE. Website www names, yes can do. But sorry there's no "@", so e-mail addresses may require additional ingenuity).

To calculate the cost of a proposed sign, add together the number of letter, numbers, symbols, spaces, etc (signs have to start with and end with a space because of the way the machine works), multiply by 50p (cost per character), and add postage and packing, which will be about 2.50 in the UK and not much more internationally. So, for example, the sign in the illustration would be 17 characters (don't forget the symbols and the spaces) x 50p = 8.50 + P&P.

When ordering, please specify your chosen colour combination. Choices available are: Black on Yellow, Yellow on Black, Red on White, White on Red, Yellow on Blue, Blue on Yellow, White on Blue, Blue on White, White on Green, Green on White, Black on White, White on Black.

You may also opt to have the sign sent to you unfinished (recommended only if you have good dexterity), which then allows you to do the final picking-out stage of the letters yourself, giving you an extra set of letters in some cases and/or a later final choice of foreground/background. If you've had a sign before, this makes perfect sense, but if not, don't worry about it.

To have your own CUSTOMISED SIGN made, here's what to do:

BUSINESS FOR SALE! Because of success in other lines of business I no longer SOLD! have time to make any Dymo 2600 signs. So, if you'd be interested in buying the machine and running it as business, ...etc.

Update 2007: SOLD! This excellent machine has been bought and taken to a place where it will be looked after and treasured. I know this, because I know who the buyer is. It's DYMO. The famous Dymo company of Belgium. I am reliably informed that the machine will be in the Dymo Museum. I think that's great!

I'll add a link to the Dymo Museum when I get the web address. In the meantime, here's a link to DYMO, and if you're looking for Dymo retailers, there are some on the Office Equipment page. If you're looking at this page because you'd like to set up your own business, see How to Set Up and Run Your Own Business, and if you are looking at this page to see about buying some interesting and possibly collectible items, there is a great diversity of them on Zyra's Bazaar. There are still (2007) some intriguing items available, although the Nashua 4200 photocopier was not so lucky. I hoped there would have been some interest in the vintage caravan and old post van, but now I am hoping to find a buyer for the collection of amusement machine glass which could be of interest to someone. I am keen on finding good homes for a few things as I am emigrating as a tax exile.