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Spam Revector Page

For the first three years of the running of Zyra.org.uk there was a very simple anti-spam method. On the front page it said:

spam revector to spam # zyra.org.uk

Communication via contact # zyra.org.uk

This worked very well as bulk e-mail harvesting systems would always harvest the spam address and send to it, thus revealing that they were sending to everyone without any care for anyone's feelings.

To find out more about bulk e-mail (spam), see the Page about Spam. To see a slightly more advanced method of nobbling spam-bots, see the e-mail page, and to see the current method of e-mail hiding, see the page of e-mail hiding! The idea behind all this is to defeat junk e-mail and yet still allow people to write in, individually, personally.

If you would like to write to this website, you can! In which case, you should be looking at the page: Contact