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REPLY to spam?

There is a philosophy I have seen which says "Thou Shalt Not Reply to Spam". There's a reason for believing this, and there's also a reason why it's a myth.

The theory is that if you reply, your address will be bagged by the sender, who will then send you even more spam! I have consistently replied to spam for a long time; thousands of messages; and I have only been bagged three or four times. So, it's generally a myth! If you reply, it is unlikely that your address will be "confirmed". Spam-senders have very little to gain by sending spam to people who reply and pass comment upon it. However, there is a "confirm" system, which spam-senders do by consideration of whether images are implicitly loaded. To get around this, read your e-mails OFFLINE!

The other thing is, that if anyone sends spam to me and then collects my e-mail address from my reply, I have them stuffed and mounted by including their address somewhere on my website! This means that the next spam address harvester coming along will harvest THEM! Spam senders will send each other spam. Presumably this was realised quite early on, and that's why the practice of collecting addresses from repliers is not common, and the "Thou Shalt Not Reply to Spam" rule is mostly a MYTH!

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