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Space Store

Spacecraft for sale, space suits, modules, capsules, equipment...

This is interesting, The Space Store is a place that sells all sorts of space-related stuff. Some of it is of the "gifts and souvenirs" class of space merchandise, some of it more of a practical "space lifestyle" idea, for example your own flight suit, and some of it is "this has been touched by SPACE" concept, such things as secondhand spacecraft, flight modules, spacesuits, and space hardware generally.

There are space collectibles, autographs of astronauts, NASA memorabilia, NASA patches and other items from space. How to get to see NASA Space Shuttle launches? More info is to be found at The Space Store.

If you fancy applying for a job vacancy as an astronaut there is an online NASA Astronaut application form which you can fill in and the best of luck!

To quote the good folk of The Space Store: "Featuring over 500 quality products from a $2.95 astronaut to a $2.2 million Russian Soyuz Descent capsule, The Space Store is recognized worldwide for not only our great selection of products, but also for our high standards of customer service. On a daily basis, Dayna, Operations Manager Tonya Middleton and Store Manager Amanda Goyne answer space questions, assist with homework and suggest school and special event project ideas to customers all over the world."

The Space Store is a place where you can buy SPACE STUFF, so if you are space-mad, or just a space enthusiast, you'll be pleased I mentioned THE SPACE STORE.

Here's the link to it...


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