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How to deal with spiders in the bath. How to get rid of a spider in the bath easily by humane means, even if you are afraid of spiders!

Problem: Spider in the bath. What to do about it? Chances are, if you're scared of spiders, you may find a spider in the bath, raising various ethical and psychological problems, which are now solved here!

Firstly, spiders do not want to be in the bath. They have not come up out of the plughole*, but have had the misfortune to fall into the bath.

Also, it is not good to kill them, flush them away, or otherwise commit malice against them, as spiders of the type found in a temperate climate are mostly harmless and are actually a good thing to have around as they catch insects. It's like having cats that catch mice!

Another less-than-ideal solution is to call for the brave knight to tackle the monster. People who are not scared of spiders sometimes don't understand arachnophobia and can't see why there's a problem and may think it's all very funny.

So, the solution: How to deal with spiders in the bath: Take a piece of toilet paper about 3ft long and drape it over the rim of the bath, reaching all the way to the bottom, leaving enough over the outside to balance it. Then, just leave the room. Forget about it. Next time you go there, after an hour or so, the spider will have mysteriously disappeared! See, easy!

Extra note: If you are worried about the spider roaming about, leave the bathroom door shut and the window open. A quick search later will most reveal that the spider is no longer present.

What's strange is why most people don't know this, and can't see why it works. That's because they can't see the spider as having any opinion or any say at all in the matter. The truth is that the spider in the bath is from its own point of view IN JAIL and, given the chance, will take the opportunity to escape!

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* Further note on spiders coming up out of the plughole of a bath: The reason spiders can't get up the plughole is because the plumbing just below the plughole goes through a U-bend which always has some fluid in it. Similar U-bends can be found on handbasins and on kitchen sinks. These "traps" aren't primarily a counter-arachnid measure but are mainly for stopping objects such as cotton buds and teaspoons from going down the plughole and bunging up the drain, and they also stop bad smells from coming up from the sewers. You can verify the existence of U-bend traps by inspection of the plumbing or by checking to see if any draught of air comes up through the plughole. Plugholes are a whole extra thing in themselves and there's been some discussion on which way water goes down the plughole as if it's different in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

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