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Dead... see Dangerous Things International

Alive... In the bath. See How to resolve the problem ethically (page designed to be arachnophobe-friendly)

How to stop being frightened of spiders (cure for arachnophobia) (no pictures of spiders on this page)

Pictures of Spiders and Scorpions (yes, this page DOES have images of them)

Spiders are a good thing to have in the House (text only, but best to avoid it if you don't like spiders)

* Did you know? Spiders are not insects. They are in fact Arachnophoboids, which means things which frighten people who are afraid of spiders ;-)

* This last comment is a spoof on the common "did you know" which is: Spiders are not insects. They are Arachnids. Distinguishing feature: eight legs, not six.