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Splash DVD

Video shop run by film enthusiasts for film enthusiasts.

"You can buy CHEAP DISCOUNTED BARGAIN DVDs, Games and CDs from Splash DVD. They have hundreds of special deals on DVDs so you can shop for more music, movies or chart DVDs to add to your collection. All the latest film releases are for sale at low prices through their online shop / store, and delivery is free anywhere in the UK".

See, you always know when you've found the right place to buy stuff, because the people who run the place are enthusiasts for the stuff they are selling. This is a sure sign that you're likely to get a good deal.

In the words of Splash DVD's Chris Shelton in 2003: "Splash was set up over 3 years ago by a group of young entrepreneurs who shared a passion for film and music, as well as a love of technology.

From day one the ethos was 'run for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts' Indeed enthusiasm is a theme which is prevalent throughout all our businesses. We have always been driven by what frustrated us as consumers- the greed and closed-thinking of big companies.

That is why we were the first online retailer to pass on special offers to our customers. It may seem commonplace now, but when we began it was a bold move to pass all savings on to you rather than just banking the extra profits; and we got a lot of stick within the industry for doing it!! The fact that everyone else now does the same is a clear endorsement of our thinking and attitude. But you can bet that they wouldn't have done it unless we had first! You should thank us for that alone, but we don't expect you to...

That is why we are always innovating; always looking for ways to give the customer better deals; always striving to separate ourselves from the herd.

So why shop at Splash? Quite simply you have found the best. A site dedicated to great deals, great service and one that celebrates the fact that this is a fun business!! We watch films and listen to music because we want to. We sell films and music because we want to!

We hope you enjoy the Splash experience and tell other people about it. Support us and you are supporting the little guys (although not so little now) who have genuinely made a big difference. We want to keep doing so for the benefit of everyone".

So, innovative, enterprising, run by enthusiasts, and they pass the extra profits of DVDs onto you. Free P&P shipping to anywhere in the UK. Sounds like our kind of company!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.splashdvd.com/ affiliate program is with TradeDoubler

Free delivery UK. Extra £1.00 per item for delivery to EUROPE including: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican.

Shucks! The company is not coming back. The domain has been taken by accurséd cybersquatters! That is bad news.