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This is interesting, because it sounds "too good to be true", and yet it works. What happens is you buy the coupons but they are worth much more than you pay for them.

Here's what's said by Star Coupons: "Starcoupons.com is the first website of it's kind in the UK and the leader in on-line coupons. Starcoupons.com save you real money on products and services you use everyday near your home, office or when you travel. All our starcoupons are worth at least 200 and cost as little as 24.99. The coupon is purchased online and printed out instantly ready to be redeemed at your leisure. Our team checks all of our offers and are committed to bringing you the best exclusive offers. Our offers are almost "too good to be true"..."

Here Is Where The Link Was!

http://www.starcoupons.com () affiliate program has gone, but you are welcome to type in the URL and have a look. It would be good if the affiliate program returns, but if not, we'll still keep on promoting other useful commercial contacts at the Shopping Portal