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Steganos UK

If you need it protecting use Steganos UK. They are a market leader in consumer encryption software and their products are used by millions the world over.

Steganos UK:

"With a 96% share of the market, Steganos is the leader for consumer encryption software in Germany (according to GfK, a German market research company). Steganos products have been used by millions of security-conscious users worldwide since 1997.

Innovations such as the world's first commercial steganographic software (data is hidden in images or music) or the world's first encryption software with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) make Steganos synonymous with the protection of confidential data.

Today Steganos is a provider complete security software, which addresses all security-relevant Windows issues with suitable products: Whether encrypting hard drives, e-mails or mobile devices, traces and data destruction, anonymization on the Internet, protection against viruses, worms, hackers, trojan horses, dialers, spam and spyware - Steganos has the relevant solution.

Steganos carries out extensive usability tests: In special laboratories selected users are observed when working with Steganos software - with the help of four video cameras. Insights gained in this way mean Steganos software is better adapted towards the users. Countless international awards prove the high quality of Steganos products".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Steganos UK

https://www.steganos.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction and it is a shame that it's had to be Bunged Up. Still, there are other antivirus places on here. Let's hope Steganos come back soon!