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The Imagination Station

If you like traditional toys, which stimulate your child's imagination, take a look at The Imagination Station. Don't just plonk your child infront of the TV with a console and controller!

The Imagination Station:

"The Imagination Station - for toys and gifts that inspire the art of play….

The Imagination Station was started in the spring of 2005 by Ashley and Lisa. The vision of the project was simple; to create a resource for parents, nurseries, playgroups and schools to find the very highest quality toys available at prices that represent excellent value for money.

Although there were already lots of other toy suppliers out there, far too much was compromised on quality, and toys were all too often sold on the back of the latest fad, with very little thought for how they could benefit children.

Knowing that quality and value were paramount, Ashley and Lisa only sourced toys that conformed to the lofty standards they had put in place for The Imagination Station from the outset. This meant that traditional, sturdy toys became the mainstay of the business, and before long there was an established set of principles guiding The Imagination Station to continued success both nationally and internationally.

- Toys will only be of the highest manufacturing quality

- Toys will be sturdy and able to withstand being played with regularly

- Toys will encourage imaginative play and learning

- Toys will be fun!

Remember when you were a child? Out after breakfast and back by tea? No Playstations or Nintendo’s then. Just your imagination. Childhood obesity was unheard of. That’s when toys were toys, not games consoles or robotic gadgets requiring a share in Duracell each week. We want to get back to the good old days. Encourage our kids to use their imaginations once again.

We’ve scoured the markets for traditional and educational toys and gifts. Toys that we believe will inspire children to use their imaginations and encourage parents to participate in their imaginative play.

Our world is now full of electronic games and toys. We want to offer parents and grandparents toys and gifts that encourage parental involvement and our toys are visually stimulating and fun to play with. Many of our children's gifts are traditional wooden toys that can be passed down from generation to generation".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


The Imagination Station

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