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The Smile Place

Would you like nicer, brighter teeth without the cost of Veneers or expensive trips to the dentist? Take a look at The Smile Place!

The Smile Place:

"The UK's first, most reliable and professional DIY online teeth whitening company.

We all want a brighter whiter smile and perfect looking teeth.

The Smile Place offers you the highest quality teeth whitening kits using the identical professional processes and materials as your dentist, and at the same time eliminating expensive and time-consuming trips to a dental practice.

The Smile Place has been recognised as the most reliable and professional service as quoted in Trinny and Susannah’s Survival Guide as 'Fantastic Site! If you are conscious of the colour of your teeth when you smile this is the site for you!'. Also trusted by Lifestyle Guru India Knight as being the 'Best Alternative to a trip to the dentist' in her renowned book 'The Shops'. The Smile Place has also been recommended by News of the World's Fabulous Magazine and the Daily Mail.

Nobody wants stained or discoloured teeth, so save yourself hundreds of pounds at the dentist and instead visit The Smile Place, www.thesmileplace.co.uk and give yourself the smile you've always wanted.

The Smile Place provides the customer with tailor-made whitening trays ensuring brighter whiter teeth with 3-10 days.

Each stage is personally supervised by a dedicated team of dentists and technicians, using dental practice quality materials and sending you exclusive pharmaceutical grade gels, sourced by us from one of the major manufacturers in the US.

So visit www.thesmileplace.co.uk and treat yourself or someone you love to a whiter brighter smile without an expensive trip to a dentist".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

The Smile Place

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