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Toilet Radio

This is a radio linked to a toilet lid so that when you lift the lid the radio comes on. The idea sounds so eccentric that it's crazy, but really it's more practical than it sounds, and more hygienic than reading books in the toilet. The idea is quite specific. It is a wireless set for the purpose of reception connected to a switch which is ON when the toilet lid is UP. So, like a light in a fridge, lit only when the fridge door is open, it is intrinsic to the operation of the utility itself. Well, ok, plenty of comedy value there, but there's a lot more to it when you try it.

How to do this: Get a good quality microswitch and fix it into position by cunning application of DIY such that the circuit is made when the lid is up (not the seat). Connect a cable from the switch to a low-voltage radio, preferably powered by a rechargeable battery. Tune the radio into an intellectual channel, such as the excellent BBC RADIO 4 which broadcasts amazing informative pieces of knowledge of the "DID YOU KNOW" type which you will learn from.



Despite initially starting as a merely humorous bizarre idea, the toilet radio has gone on to be informative, educational, practical, and a cultural success. But don't take my word for it; get a microswitch and fit a toilet with a radio and find for yourself an aspect of positivity in an area normally considered taboo. The invention is declared to be SHAREWARE, and if you'd like to make a voluntary contribution, please send what you think it's worth to: c/o Zyra, via the Shareware office address. Cheques payable to Zyra Electric.

Microswitches are available by scavenging from electronic junk, or, if you do not have any, it's possible to buy a microswitch new from Maplin, or from other electronic parts suppliers

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If your toilet is bunged-up, it's worth seeing if Dyno-Rod can help.

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