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Top Skips

If you decide to undertake any reasonable size project you are bound to need a skip. Therefore, why don't you order it online? At Top Skips you can do just that.

Top Skips:

"Topskips.com was the world’s FIRST fully online Skip Hire service launched in August 2003 in Manchester.

Topskips.com is a family business. The idea of creating a 21st century online skip hire service was Mark Attwood’s after his father-in-law Paul Malpas asked him to lend his marketing and business skills to Paul’s burgeoning skip hire business. Topskips is now managed by Mark, his wife Katy and her sister Louise.

Topskips Limited is also a skip hire industry leader as the publisher of The Skip magazine – the voice of the Skip Hire Industry in the UK and Ireland. Loved by its readers for its mixture of entertainment and the latest developments in technology and legislation. In the absence of a trade association, The Skip is often referred to and quoted in National Media on skip-issues.

Topskips.com is the ONLY skip hire service to have had promotional schemes running with the likes of the Co-Operative Bank, Bradford and Bingley and Wickes – proof that you are dealing with a nationally reputable and trusted company.

Topskips is committed to the best possible customer service and recycling as much of the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste that we manage each year as possible. Our partners give better service to our customers because we are often their biggest customer.

Over 88% of our customers say they would recommend Topskips to a friend and that our service is Excellent. Tell us what you think by filling out our short online survey here".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

There was a link here, but it's been taken away!

Top Skips

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